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The look of exotic swimsuit models has drastically changed over the last forty years. Originally, a woman in the 1960s would be considered too heavy and out of shape. The first exotic swimsuit model who made bikini’s popular was model/actress Ursula Andress who wore a white bikini equipped with a knife around her waist in the first James Bond film, Dr. No. Later, Babette March who wore a white bikini on the cover of the 1964 issue of Sports Illustrated. By today’s standard, this bikini would be considered frumpy and out of style but at the time it was cutting edge and sexy.

Currently, the exotic swimsuit model has changed. Today’s culture calls for a thinner woman woman. In the sixties, most women did not workout and had a tendency to have natural body features. Today, women have become dangerously thin. With the added prevalence of plastic surgery, you will find a very different looking body of the current exotic swimsuit model in comparison to the classic model from the 1960s.

In addition, the swimsuits themselves have evolved resulting in more skin showing and less clothing being worn. This has stirred up a great deal of controversy for some, generating a buzz of enthusiasm and disbelief. Models have appeared in string bikinis, exotic designs, swimsuits without tops, and even swimsuits consisting of only body paint. A variety of swimsuits have been modeled to cause an increase in edginess and discussion. Some of the most prominent recent exotic swimsuit models have included Tyra Banks, Kathy Ireland, and Katyh MacPherson.

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Most Beautiful Exotic Swimsuit Models – Bar Refaeli

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Bar Refaeli is one of the most beautiful and famous exotic swimsuit models in the world. The star also is well known as an occasional actress, but we can surely say that Bar Refaeli has shocked the world with her amazing beauty. She first achieved worldwide fame when she posed for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. However, throughout her entire career the star managed to show that she does not only possess an amazing beauty, but also a great talent that helped her achieve the highest level of fame. Bar Refaeli has actually been voted number one of Maxim magazine Hot 100 list of 2012 and there is absolutely no shock in that, as this star has always been considered one of the most beautiful and sensual swimsuit models in the world.

Bar Refaeli was born on June 4, 1985, in Hod HaSharon, Israel. Her mother also was a successful swimsuit model, so there is no wonder that Bar Refaeli has chosen this path herself. She actually began her modeling career at the young age of eight months. Naturally, the star first appeared in a wide range of commercials. Until turning 15, Bar Refaeli has only had few commercial appearances, but since that moment the star began once again focusing on her modeling career. She soon became one of Irene Marie Models. She was featured in numerous successful campaigns, including some for famous fashion brands such as Castro and Pilpel. Soon, the star also won the Model of the Year title, naturally in Israel, event dating back to 2000.

Throughout the years, Bar Refaeli has many times appeared in a famous magazines, posing for ELLE, Maxim and GQ. Still, it was her 2007 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue appearance which has made her a star. In 2009, the star posed once again for the magazine, this time being a cover model. During the same year she modeled for Garnier International. Still, by that time Bar Refaeli already was one of the most famous exotic swimsuit models in the world. Her amazing body, great talent, but also her commitment to develop a successful career in this industry have much helped her achieve the highest fame in the modeling world. And a very important fact about her career is that Bar Refaeli has never limited her projects to the modeling industry. She also proved to have a great talent as an actress.

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Famous Exotic Swimsuit Models – Heidi Klum

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Heidi Klum is one of the most famous all time exotic swimsuit models. The beautiful model was born on June 1, 1973, in West Germany. She has become worldwide known and appreciated as a businesswoman, fashion designer, but also television producer. The star began her modeling career at a very early age, winning her first title in 1992. After becoming an international model, Heidi was given her first important modeling contract. She soon began her career in television, too, being so successful that nowadays Heidi is the host of Project Runway.

During her long time career in modeling, Heidi was been featured on an impressive number of magazine covers, including here famous fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle, but also Marie Claire. The beautiful model became even more popular along with her appearance in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. From this moment on, Heidi has been one of the most famous swimsuit models in the world. There is no wonder after all that the star received a contract with Victoria’s Secret. The model became one of Victoria’s Secret Angels and she actually hosted four fashion shows of the brand, in 2002, 2006, 2007 and 2009. Heidi has surely proved that she has the needed skills to model and present clothing pieces in a spectacular manner, but also the talent to make it big as a television personality and show host. Unfortunately, the model who has managed to impress with her toned body and perfect shapes decided to leave Victoria’s Secret in 2010.

Since becoming one of the most famous exotic swimsuit models in the world seems to have not been all that Heidi Klum wanted, the star also developed a successful career when it comes to acting. Starring in numerous television shows, but also movies, the model has made great appearances in Sex and the City, Yes Dear, but also How I Met Your Mother. She played in Perfect Strangers, The Devil Wears Prada, Ella Enchanted and The Life and Death of Peter Sellers, too. One of the most recent, but really shocking news linked to Heidi Klum was the announcement that the star and her husband, Seal, have separated. The two have been together since 2004, having three children. The separation announcement was made in January 2010 and it seems that Heidi was the one to file for divorce, event which took place in April. The two have been married for seven years before making the decision to split.

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What To Do If You Want To Be One Of The Exotic Swimsuit Models

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Do you dream to be one of the fantastic exotic swimsuit models? If yes, you should know that in order to become one, you should follow some simple, but somehow drastic rules, that are very important if you really wish to make a career out of this. To make sure you will work with exotic swimsuit models and you will be one of them, you should first work out. A lot! It is not simple to be a part of an exotic swimsuit models team. You should know that not anyone is able to do it and although it seems like a simple and careless job, it is much harder than you think. You should practice sport everyday, to make sure your body is an a great shape. If you do not really like to move, maybe you are not meant to be one of the gorgeous exotic swimsuit models.

Your diet is also very important. Do not take for granted the interviews in which exotic swimsuit models declare that they love to eat and they eat everything they like as much as they like. To get to be like one of the exotic swimsuit models requires a lot of sacrifices. This means your menu should be based on fresh and healthy food, mainly fruits and vegetables. Forget about the burgers and the French fries. Sodas are also prohibited, you should only drink flat water with a slice of lemon for each glass, to make sure it cuts your appetite.

You body should not only be skinny to make sure you will be among the exotic swimsuit models. Your skin should be beautiful and your hair should look great all the time. For the body, get accustomed to use a scrub once a week, this will make your skin softer. Also very important for a girl that dreams to be one of the exotic swimsuit models in the future: nourish your skin! Use lotion everyday or baby oil if your skin tends to dry. For your hair, protection against sun, regular haircuts and hydration with masks once a week should be more than enough.

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Best Exotic Swimsuit Models – Tyra Banks

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Exotic swimsuit models have to be amazingly beautiful, in a perfect body shape, but they also have to possess some great modeling skills to be able to make it big in this demanding industry. Looks is not the only thing exotic swimsuit models need. Exotic swimsuit models also have to show attitude and the needed abilities to present swimsuit is such a way that people could not resist and would just have to buy. There are numerous exotic swimsuit models who have shown that they have all it takes to develop a successful career in modeling and Tyra Banks surely is one of them.

In fact, out of all exotic swimsuit models, Tyra Banks definitely is the most appreciated one. With an impressive beauty, a great body and the most charming modeling skills, Tyra Banks has appeared twice on the cover of Sports Illustrated, naturally on the Swimsuit Issue of the popular magazine. This is a performance that not all exotic swimsuit models have managed to achieve. And that is not all. Tyra Banks has been a model for Victoria’s Secret for years, presenting some of the sexiest body-wear items of the famous brand. Tyra began her modeling career at the age of 15. Only two years later, Tyra signed with Elite Model Management.

Actually, Tyra Banks was the first African-American model who was featured of the covers of both GQ and Sports Illustrated magazines. In 1997, Tyra was named the Supermodel of the Year. And the fact that Tyra was considered to be one of the best exotic swimsuit models in the world was best proved when she was chosen to cover the Victoria’s Secret catalog. The love that Tyra Banks has always had for modeling was perfectly showed even when the former model decided to put an end to her modeling career. As Tyra Banks ceased to be one of the exotic swimsuit models, she started to be the host of one of the most famous modeling contest shows in the world, America’s Next Top Model. Tyra is both the creator and the host of this modeling contest.

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Exotic Swimsuit Models Attitude And Look

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Fashion designers are always trying to bring out something new or inspired by old times, but they add their own style and imagination. They reinterpret the past fashion, but in their own style, which is absolutely great. Although exotic swimsuit models do not have the shapes and the body form as those in the past, which were not thin or skinny. Nowadays exotic swimsuit models wear less clothing, emphasising their body. Exotic swimsuit models also try to be more sensual by showing off more their shapes and curves, which did not happened in the past. On the cover of many magazines we see exotic swimsuit models and their bikini, a large cleavage and a very tanned body. For anyone that wants to become one of the exotic swimsuit models, has to be sensual, skinny, but with a firm body.

They have to look great and there are many make-up artists that take care of that. Most exotic swimsuit models pose on the beach, but also near a pool or palms, to make us imagine how it feels like to be in an exotic place. Exotic swimsuit models pictorials are meant to make us think about the breeze on the beach and imagine ourself how we would look like dressed in the same clothing. Exotic swimsuit models try to make us believe that we can look as good as them if we will wear the same clothing. However, not only the body and the swimsuit itself are important, but also their attitude of the exotic swimsuit models. They have to be very expressive and enchanted by the summer atmosphere, the sun, the beach and everything that surrounds them. This way, they are credible and seem to like very much where they are.

Exotic swimsuit models pictorials are meant to develop our imagination and although their work seems to be very simple, not anyone can do that. As a model you have to be self-confident, expressive, sensual, to have a great attitude, to communicate with the camera and relax. Many women would feel embarrassed or are too shy for that.

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How To Be An Exotic Swimsuit Model

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If you are looking into the career of exotic swimsuit models, there are some things you need to know. Most people think that being good-looking is enough, but for exotic swimsuit models there are many more criteria to meet and they are not for everyone. Although this is only a part of a modeling career, many have made it big starting this way and getting a lot more exposure by demonstrating a kind of beauty that is useful for any kind of modeling.

Exotic swimsuit models are required to look picture perfect all the time, because advertising for swimsuits appears in many magazines and on many billboards and their aim is to convince people to buy these items. Thus, anyone who wants to be one of the famous exotic swimsuit models that grace covers must have a beautiful face and a toned body. In this industry, the body image is very important. Exotic swimsuit models must not be skinny, but toned and slightly muscular so that they can portrait a beautiful body image, on which any type of swimsuit looks amazing. In addition to this, the face is also important, as it has to be beautiful and expressive. Looks are always to be combined with talent, because exotic swimsuit models must know how to sell a swimsuit just by posing in it. A great attitude and lots of confidence will be transmitted to the person interested in buying the swimsuit and will encourage them to look just as confident and beautiful while wearing it. Thus, if you want to be a part of the group of exotic swimsuit models you must meet aesthetic and talent requirements, in order to claim your role and part in this industry.

Having careers as exotic swimsuit models can be difficult for people, as they will  have to be in shape and to always look great. It is a great job choice for those who like to stay active, toned and who like to take care of themselves in all aspects of life, without neglecting anything. 

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Exotic Swimsuit Models Requirements

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Exotic swimsuit models need to have some incredible bodies for the swimsuits to look so amazing on them that customers will immediately be convinced to purchase them. There are many exotic swimsuit models that have managed to become very famous, due to their beauty and hard work, but although modeling can seem to be a very easy job, becoming successful in this industry is harder than you may imagine. Exotic swimsuit models have to work very hard to stay in shape and they need to have a great body, no exceptions allowed. This surely means making some sacrifices. However, you should not imagine that exotic swimsuit models get that perfect body by starving themselves, but by leading a healthy lifestyle.

Exotic swimsuit models need to look naturally and healthy. Most exotic swimsuit models have a personal trainer which helps them stay in shape. A great part of a workday of exotic swimsuit models is dedicated to working out exercises. Exercises are part of each day routine and also part of the lifestyle of all exotic swimsuit models. Neglecting their bodies or spending days without exercising is something that exotic swimsuit models can not afford doing. When a model gets out of shape, she can lose a contract and jeopardize her entire career, while all the sacrifices she made throughout the years will be in vain. Exotic swimsuit models may also need to attend classes to learn how to pose and the way in which they can look naturally when posing.

Models presenting swimsuits are most likely going to be required to be well tanned. Most models use spray tan. Makeup and a great hair look are important in all photo shots that involve exotic swimsuit models. So, for exotic swimsuit models being beautiful is not enough to become a worldwide known model. Accomplishing such a dream also requires hard work and everyday physical exercises that can help these girls stay in shape and perfectly model their bodies. Natural skills and confidence are also a must for models who want to develop a career in the industry. Only when possessing such skills and when working hard to improve them, models can be successful. Most appreciated all time swimsuit models include names such as Elle Macpherson, Tyra Banks and also Kathy Ireland.

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Elle Macpherson

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There are many people that know the name Elle Macpherson since she was one of the hottest exotic swimsuit models of the 1980s and 1990s. Elle made a huge splash in the modeling industry not only in the exotic swimsuit section but also in many other areas of modeling. Today Elle Macpherson is still considered one of the most beautiful Australian models to have ever walked the catwalk and she is still beautiful at the age of 47 years old. Originally her name was Eleanor Nancy Gow however later in life after her mother remarried to another man with the last name Macpherson.

Years ago in the 1980s and 1990s, Elle Macpherson was considered to be the leading Australian supermodel which in considering the amount of models that were coming out of America at the time was a huge success. Today you can see Elle Macpherson as an actress but most of all she is well known for her skills as a businesswoman who now owns her own booming line of lingerie products for women and for men. The Body, was a line of skin care products that was marketed by Elle and is still one of the more sort after skin care products today.

Growing up on the north shore of Sydney, Elle Macpherson had the typical Australian lifestyle with family roots in the rugby League and attending your average state high school. Elle is the oldest daughter of four children in her immediate family. It was at the age of 17 years that Elle decided to visit the USA where she was offered a modeling job that would help her achieve her college dream.

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Female Exotic Swimsuit Models

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Back in the 1960s when women were not allowed to be flight attendants as well as being married there were other ways of women to prove that they were capable of more than just being a part of the service industry. Many things changed after the secind world war followed by the great depression which meant that women in the workforce was now a common site. Female models were as normal a major part of marketing and sales because even back in those golden years of the 1960s, a good marketing team knew that sex sells.

Being a female exotic swimsuit model was a great way of getting not only a very substancial pay check for that period in history but it was also a way of making a name for yourself in a ligitamate business. Swimsuits of the period were changing dramatically and more skin was being shown for the first time. Two piece suits started to take the place of full cover swimsuits and the exotic models were the first to be published in glossy magazines without having to resort to sex or nudity.

for a while the industry blossomed until during the 1970s when money became tighter which meant that the constant flow of beautiful ladies willing to be swimsuit models had to be stemmed. For the luck few ladies who struggled on during this change in the tide their names and faces were recognized by many, not only the admiring men but also women who aspired to be them.

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Exotic Male Swimsuit Models

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Male Model

When one thinks about models, it is usually the female variety that springs to mind, as it seems that it is usually men who go looking for pictures of female models whether it is in magazines or on the internet. However, women do like to have a cheeky look at male swimsuit models, usually because they appear on the beach with a surfboard, and nearly always have a rippling abdomen. However, male swimsuit models certainly aren’t there just to be ogled by women – they do still need to be able to sell swimsuits to men. These models have become increasingly important over the last decade as a much higher proportion of our shopping is done on the internet. If you’re not going to a shop to see the swim wear and try it on for yourself, you will want the next best alternative – looking at a photo of someone else with them on, even if they’re not quite the same build as you!

Whilst they are good to look at, it is important not to get put out by looking at them – it can make people feel very self-conscious about their image by feeling inferior. The media portrays these people as ‘getting all the girls’ but it is simply not the case. Sure, they may get the women who are into a solid chest, but most women are after a bit more than just this – a sensitive personality amongst other things. If you are one of those people that worry about your ‘pulling power’ because of your body then you obviously do have that sensitive side that the women really go for!

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